Sovereign Podcast Ep.10: Mental Toughness Part 2 - Positivity

Sovereign Podcast Ep.10: Mental Toughness Part 2 - Positivity

Clarity Nation!

We hit a milestone! We're on Episode 10 of the Sovereign Podcast! How cool is that? I'm stoked!

Last week on the Sovereign Podcast we started diving into Mental Toughness and how breath work can make a profound impact on our state management. Missed it? You can catch up here:

Sovereign Podcast Ep. 9 - State Management & Breath Control
The quality of our lives has a direct correlation with the quality of our breathe. Did you know that? Or, as my mentor Cdr Mark Divine says during his yoga classes: “The quality of your experience will be determined by the quality of your breathe.” What does that mean? It

I actually started talking about the skills out of order, but it's all good. The 4 mental toughness skills are: positivity, breath control, visualization and micro goal setting.

Now, don't get me mistaken here. I'm not referring to that toxic positivity. Things aren't going to be all sunshine and rainbows all the time. Trying to convince ourselves otherwise isn't doing a service to ourselves, let alone anyone else.

Positivity does, however, imply we are doing our best to find the silver lining and lessons learned through our experiences.

We never lose if we're always learning, and when we learn our lessons we win. When we don't learn the lessons that are put in front of us, we end up caught in negative or toxic loops.

An attitude of gratitude goes into being positive. The words we speak, how we speak them, the verbiage we use, there's actually a lot that goes into positivity. We don't need to learn and execute on it all at once, either.

Join me this week as I take a deeper dive into the 4 mental toughness skills and how positivity can help you become more resilient in all life.

Closing Thoughts

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I look forward to seeing you on the other side!