What Is A SuperUMAn, And Why Am I Involved?

What Is A SuperUMAn, And Why Am I Involved?

Showcase time! I decided to switch up the typical blog post this week to shine the spotlight on one of the organizations I've been involved in recently: UMA.

What is UMA? Universal Market Access (UMA) is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization. We're not quite fully a DAO yet and still have a fair bit of centralization, however it is something we are diligently working towards.

Funny enough, when I first heard of UMA, I thought it was a consumer facing initiative. I didn't realize it was a B2B initiative. Goes to show how assumptions can lead us astray sometimes.

UMA actually specializes in helping DAO's diversify their treasury, use debt to acquire capital, and even helps with treasury management and contributor remuneration (through the use of KPI options).

UMA offers a variety of synthetic token products to DAOs. If you're familiar with TradFi and how stocks work: options, futures, etc, you won't have much issue understanding the products. They're just applied on the blockchain.

What Is A SuperUMAn?

I guess a way of looking at it is that the SuperUMAns are the lifeblood of UMA. We are global, and we are responsible for keeping the UMA ship sailing smoothly.

Not only is it our responsibility to create brand awareness around our solutions for DAO Treasury Management and Diversification, it is our responsibility to maintain and build the culture we want to see.

You know, I'm a big culture guy myself!

Why Did I Become A SuperUMAn?

That's a really great question!

It really came down to the quality of the information, community and culture. Upon joining the server, I was warmly greeted. Information was easy to access and easy to find.

After the community welcomed me in, I spent a bit of time networking. You know, bumping elbows and making friends. I saw some recurring themes around team building, leadership, operations and logistics which were causing some pain in the community.

From there, I decided to start suggesting solutions. Not all of them were well-received, and that's cool. I'd actually be pretty scared if every idea was approved every time. I was finding value in the connections I was making within the community, which encouraged me to want to step up and provide more value than I was receiving.

It really was that simple for me. That's really all it took to be considered a leader within the community, and now the responsibility is up to me to keep up that level of contribution the community has become accustomed to and loved.

How To DAO?

A lot of people tend to complicate joining a DAO and getting involved. We are used to the "traditional world" where we constantly need to seek approval or beg for permission.

A DAO is permissionless. Getting involved in crypto or blockchain related companies is often as simple as showing up and providing value. If your value is well received, it's not uncommon to be asked to join a team in a more official capacity.

If you're interested in checking out UMA and what we are up to, feel free to use the contact form on this site and I'll get you into the server and help you find your way around!

Closing Thoughts

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I look forward to seeing you on the other side!