The Importance Of Emotional Control In The Metaverse

We all come to the space with different biases; personal, cultural, geographical, linguistical and learning preferences, communication styles, and more.

The Importance Of Emotional Control In The Metaverse

Life is tough enough in the default world, you know what I mean? Trigger warnings everywhere.

Now that the Metaverse is rapidly expanding and quickly becoming a focal point for our lives, those real-world struggles are only amplified exponentially online.

We all come to the space with different biases; personal, cultural, geographical, linguistical and learning preferences, communication styles, and more.

Traditionally if we didn't appreciate someone it generally is easy to walk away and wash our hands. We don't have that luxury online in this capacity. We must learn to work with and get along with each other at all costs if we want to maintain global integrity to our values.

A prime example that I personally walk into every so often is the use of man, dude or brother. I grew up ingrained in that hippie life and those words are thrown around loosely and without discretion. It's a common cultural norm to call everyone man or dude. Enter gender neutrality: and our personality types are getting torn to shreds and afraid to speak up for fear of getting cancelled over a cultural difference.

In a lot of executive coaching groups I've been a part of we have used endearing terms to build camaraderie among teams; such as calling friends "brother" or "kin" to elicit stronger feelings of closeness.

In order to effectively maintain the integrity of the values we're instilling within this new frontier we must start learning emotional control. Furthermore, we need to start learning to have more tolerance and respect towards each other.

Knowing that we are all diverse and we have an international mix of everything within our walls; it should go without saying that we have a lot of challenges to work through collectively for us to get there.

Getting triggered, letting our emotions get the best of us and trying to cancel each other over honest and easy mistakes doesn't benefit anyone. The only service it does is divide us from each other even more; isn't that what authoritarian culture demands of us? Opposition against thy neighbour?

Patience and tolerance are key. We must understand, accept and acknowledge that we are all coming into this space with our own world views, cultural views, societal norms, and many other biases. We have a very long road ahead of us to build the culture many of us are fighting so hard to see take hold within our space.

Emotional control comes from knowing yourself. Giving yourself the permission to understand the other persons' viewpoints. Understanding that we all have shown up here from different backgrounds and experiences. It's going to take all of us collectively lifting each other up to get to this promised land that many are preaching.

Segregation and division only further create the rifts we're subjected to within our default meat suit world.

How does one develop stronger emotional control? Here are some tools you can start developing:

Positivity: control your monkey mind. We are predisposed to negative conditioning, and for most of us, it's ingrained within our very being. Coming up with mantras, rhymes, power statements, and even starting a gratitude practice is a great way to circumvent the negative thoughts to focus on the positive ones that lift you up.

Breath control: learn to breathe properly. The quality of our breathing has a hugely profound impact on the quality of our interactions and experiences.

Visualization: win in your mind before setting foot out the door to go to war with life. Top performing teams of all ages have used visualization techniques to help manifest the results they want during showtime.

Micro goal setting: you don't eat an elephant whole, you eat it one bite at a time. Breaking down the goals you're striving for into more manageable micro-goals is both a skill and an art in itself. This helps us see clear paths to follow and a defined process for tracking progress.

Walk away: we are preconditioned to believe that every notification must elicit an immediate response. This is simply not true. We can't pour from an empty cup. Dually, if we aren't in a proper emotional state we are not equipped with the skills and tools to resolve a situation.

We can be a part of the problem or we can be a part of the solution. We can not be a part of both. Fighting fire with fire, letting our monkey minds' emotions run rampant doesn't serve anyone.

Save those emotional hand grenades for the default world and places it's appreciated: it's not welcome in our metaverse. We must develop mental toughness and resiliency to be able to coach and support our peers to higher elevations with us.

We can no longer continue to cancel each other and hold each other down expecting to make it to this promised land together.