DAOlationships: The Future Of BizDev

DAOlationships: The Future Of BizDev

DAOLationships has 1 function: providing support for DAO relationships.

The purpose of the DAOlationships is to manage and build relationships across the universe of DAOs. To this end, it goes a long way to just be out in other communities, contributing and representing your DAOs brand. This gets more people curious about your initiatives, and gets more people checking the server out.

Over time, we build strong relationships that can be leveraged for mutual benefit. There may be revenue-generating opportunities from time to time, but that is not necessarily our expectation. Rather, we are here to support and build the community from our privileged position as members of collaborative DAOs.

This is not an exclusive guild. We exist to support all members of the DAO as they build relationships across the universe of DAOs. We hope and expect all cross-DAO contributors to keep their peers updated on the status of their relationships through this guild’s activities and processes.

On the other hand to bypass the membership politics and get our valued relations involved in our servers faster, we use the DAOplomat tag. This allows us to separate internal from external support and mitigates our friends from getting blasted with internal matters.

In this future we are mutually building, we do not want to create the chaos and abuse the default world has when it comes to business development or sales. Let's take a change and change this together!


  • F3: Fail Forward Fast. We’re all students here.
  • Ensure our goals are very motivating to the guild and wider DAO teams.
  • Get curious and ask questions with courage
  • Be optimistic and strive for excellence.
  • Seriously desire to contribute to the mission. Are you willing to contribute to the higher and greater good of not just YOUR DAO, but all of our DAOlationships? Set ambitious goals that you’re willing to follow through with full conviction.
  • Understand the gap between your skills and knowledge, and what will be required of you to succeed at a high level. If the difference is too much to overcome within the time frame you have, you may want to consider delegating a new team or re-evaluate the goal. However, that's not to say you can't find a working internship or mentorship to learn the skills you want to acquire.
  • Always ensure that you have the intellectual and emotional capacity to achieve the goal.


  • Act with integrity and authenticity
  • Instill your belief with courage
  • Take action
  • Never quit


  1. Pursue an examined life, and embrace the market cycles..
  2. Know the One Thing, our purpose, and principles of your DAO and Guild.
  3. Connect all your small actions to these.
  4. Develop mental and emotional control to weather the DAO storms
  5. Challenge yourself to find your 20X potential, and improve 1% a day.
  6. Be of service to others and develop a winning team.
  7. Align to win in all three spheres of "l, We, and It." (Wilbur’s Integral Theory, how do you operate between SELF, TEAM, and ESTABLISHMENT)
  8. Select SMARTP-FITS targets. (Use our planning modules)
  9. Employ KISS "good-enough" planning. An 80% good enough plan will always outperform a perfect plan that never gets executed.
  10. Take massive action, and then fail forward fast.
  11. Never, ever quit.

Final Thoughts

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