Sovereign Health & Crypto Goes DAO

An origin story as we make the next evolution of Sovereign Health & Crypto, your source for health & wellness member benefits and....

Sovereign Health & Crypto Goes DAO

What a wild time to be alive. There's so much growth and so many changes on the horizon it feels surreal.

We have started a movement, and I never really took my advice to appreciate how far we've come. I also never took notice of where we are until it slapped me upside the head.

I've been treating SHC as a web2 company, that's no secret. Working diligently to adapt my coaching programs to the web3 way with the help of Bankless DAO, Polygon Ecosystem, UMA and others.

What initially started at Bankless DAO as a way for me to use my skills in this space eventually grew and evolved into so much more. Allow me to compile my thoughts on the history of the org and what brought us here.

When Bankless DAO first spun up I hadn't even heard the term "DAO" before. I was fresh down my crypto journey. I found some issues that were within my ability to help solve and jumped in headfirst.

However, I quickly hit a point where I didn't know what else to do. Community manager was the only place I felt like I could "maybe" belong. It kind of puts me in a position to use my coaching skills, yeah? Yet I wanted more impact for myself. Feeling stuck on the sidelines wasn't nice, and I wanted to create lower barriers of entry for people to get involved in DAO's.

This led to the evolution and rebrand of Elite Clarity to Sovereign Health & Wealth (now crypto). Yeah, horrible branding right? Sure wealth is cool and crypto ties into it, Crypto is more embracing towards what we're building.

Sovereign Health & Crypto (SHC) mission quickly became to prevent the same lack of leadership and health that plague the meat suit realm from happening in the metaverse. We as Crypto Natives, DeFi Degens, DAOists, whatever we choose to subscribe to spend a lot of time sedentary at our tables and desks.

This has major long-term health repercussions, especially as the technology and adoption expand as rapidly as it is. Posture, mobility, appetite, strength, sleep, it all gets affected. We become less productive and easily more agitated as time goes on.

Member benefits became born with an immediate glaring problem. It's gated to encourage people to become full members of the DAO, yeah?

So how do we get awareness around these services to generate revenue for the coaches & DAO? The web2 strategies of funnels and data collection aren't acceptable practices here.

Being that it's gated and people aren't aware to look there, we needed ways to get exposure outside of memes and social media content. They're great, but we need a balance. The closed nature of member benefits isn't good enough. The open nature of social media isn't necessarily focused enough. In such a new and budding space, there are not many options to meet people where they are.

People are in discord in communities. We need to get in front of them. DAO 2 DAO (D2D) exposure is also a major hot topic among DAO's. How can we make more friends, have more fun, and come together in more impactful ways?

This led to the evolution of DAOlationships, what some know as a guild and others know as a movement. Taking the lessons learned from trying to adapt these coaching services to the web3 world gave us a strong foundation to work from:

  1. The guild acts as a D2D collaboration layer
  2. Brings communities together
  3. Promotes our values of health and wellbeing
  4. Coordinates events & AMA's between DAOs
  5. Our values & operating from a place of integrity naturally makes people want our coaching services; we embody our ideals
  6. We impact whole communities, not just our own
  7. The DAOplomat system can be used to acknowledge members from other communities within our walls
  8. Stands for health, open-source, transparency, collaboration, sovereignty
  9. Sovereignty applies individually and DAO-level

Being on the executive and business coaching side of things for so long, it was easy for me to gravitate to the D2D side of SHC than the personal side of it. I tend to be a lot more fulfilled at scale, feeling overwhelmed working on 1-1 and smaller group engagements. It feels like there's not enough time in the day to make the impact that I want on an individual level.

This created an environment where DAOlationships started to thrive. As the movement gained momentum, it's become harder and harder to release commitments that align with my 3P's (passion, purpose, principles) for things not closely aligned.

Being that this is my baby I've been working on for so long, I failed at embracing the web3 ethos. Many amazing coaches and talented individuals had been turned down by me treating it as a web2 company. People who would have made a large impact on the member benefits side of things while I continue paving the way to help communities embody wealth in every sense of the word.

In doing so I spent a lot of time being angry with myself for not having answers. To make matters worse, I would take it out on the teams who approached me to help build with a defensive and combative attitude.

It took a lot of self-reflection and some patient coaches to help me see the mirror in front of my face. It's all on me that member benefits growth was stunted, spinning tires and going nowhere... While DAOlationships take off like wildfire.

The solution also became apparent. How can I be involved in several DAO's, helping companies 4 decentralize and become DAO's and all the other activities I have in this space..... If I'm going to continue to treat my mission as the same thing I'm helping everyone else take a stand against?

That's a major integrity gap and it needs to end!

With that, we held a call in the final days of November to discuss the DAO-ification of Sovereign Health. The Genesis team has been assembled. We're looking for leaders to step up and help.

Current projects:

Establish governance model
Tokenomics - Launch on Polygon, Utility (pay for coaching services/member benefits), Airdrop to founding communities for decentralization assistance
Community manager - Community guidelines
Member benefits - Coaching packages, Pricing models (USD denominated)
Put the final pieces on the ecosystem project with Bankless, UMA & Polygon - Go live mid-end December

There you have it, gang, we're doing it!

We're going DAO and I'm no longer allowing myself to hold the movement back. We have a strong team and very committed leaders stepping up to help make an impact across the whole space.

Will you join us?

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Closing Thoughts

Have you joined the Sovereign Collective? The collective is a (free) private community for DeFi Degens & Crypto Pros who want to become the best version of themselves possible. Join us and discuss health, nutrition, fitness, performance, crypto and more!

It's a great place to get assistance, share your insights, wins, breakdowns, breakthroughs and much more!

Coupled with the Sovereign Academy, which is an on-demand training platform for all things mental toughness, leadership development, and team building, I've equipped you with the tools and resources to tap into that 20x potential and 20x performance that's driving you insane by sitting around dormant.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!