SHW Podcast 7: The Power Of Community

SHW Podcast 7: The Power Of Community

Have you ever experienced, or witnessed, the power of community camaraderie?

You see, most people have no problem letting themselves down. We've been letting ourselves down all our lives.

Our team, our community, that's another story.

Typically, every man, woman and child will fight like hell not to let the community down. Why? Because back in the old days, our tribal days, up to about 75 years ago, getting kicked out of the community was a punishment worse than death.

Finding our tribe, our people, is one of the most powerful things we can do in life. It's also the key to unlocking your 20x potential and performance.

Let's take a deeper look into it. And hey, if you're ready, hop on over to and join our community today for free!