What is it?

Sovereign Health is a completely customized and on-demand health coaching program.

The aim is to become 1% better and stronger every day in every way while achieving consistent and sustainable results for life.

What does the program cover? Health, movement, nutrition, sleep, stress management, exercise... and much more! Workouts are either delivered on demand in the membership portal or more personalized via certified coach.

No macro counting or calorie tracking and no gyms here - unless that's your jam and you enjoy doing it. At the end of the day, it doesn't help you actually learn anything or build sustainable skills for life. Which makes it a waste of time if you ask us.

We respect your time and want to help you get away from the yo-yo diets and unsustainable results, it's time to stop swimming the ocean of holistic health alone!

Treading water lost in the ocean

What are the packages and what's included?

Self-Starter Package: Free OR $40/mo with a 2 week trial includes:

An exclusive cookbook designed by the community, for the community.
On-demand training covering core values, leadership commitments, nutrition, fitness classes, training to develop an unbeatable mind, and more!

Premium subscribers only
An exclusive Welcome Package outlining the program details and expectations (both of the coaches and you).
A personalized nutrition guide to ensure you're fueling properly for your goals (this is not a meal plan. We will never force you into eating anything, into a specific diet, or to count macros/calories).
Exclusive GENESIS POAP/NFT badge for the first 200 subscribers.
Badges will be issued after the trial.

Member POAP

Access to the private community
Life skills: on demand cooking videos
... and so much more within the membership portal

How to get started:

This program is 100% on demand and fairly hands off for the coaching team.

Simply click the subscribe button here on the site to get started instantly!

Flowing Warrior: $250/mo for 4 classes

For those who thrive with higher levels of personal accountability or want more personalized workouts and coach interaction. Group class times are available a couple times of week during the early morning hours (630am MT, 830am ET/New York time).

Classes are designed to be suitable and enjoyable for everyone of every skill and fitness level. Nobody gets left behind and classes will be adapted to the skill level of the participants.

Includes everything in the bronze package plus:

30 minute onboarding call
Live group bodyweight training 1x a week
Max 20 participants per class to ensure everyone gets quality attention
Coaches will review footage of your practice (filmed on your own time) and give you pointers on form.
Can be done anywhere, any time, in any size space. No equipment necessary

*** Class recordings will be available within the membership portal and available to all premium members ***

Current Class Times:
Fridays 630am Mountain time/830am Eastern Time

TBD August (Subject to change):
Monday: 630am MT/830am ET
6pm MT/8pm ET

Wednesday: 230pm MT/430pm ET
5pm MT/7pm ET

Fridays: 630am MT/830am ET
2pm MT/4pm ET

Saturday: 130pm MT/330pm ET

How to get started: To see if this program is a good fit for you, click here to do a quick application and schedule a brief call at your convenience.

Best case scenario, this program is a great fit for you and I get you started on the call.

Worse case scenario is this program isn't a good fit for you, however, you will leave with 2-3 pieces of key information to help you move forward. If I know another coach who may work better for you, I can set up an introduction for you.

Starting is easy. Consistency is not.

Unbeatable Mindset Coaching: 1-1 Coaching $500/mo OR group + 1-1 $650/month

Develop the mental toughness and resiliency to meet life's demands head on with confidence and courage.

This program was initially designed for Navy Seal candidates and took them from a 10% or less pass rate in bud/s to over a 90% pass rate.

It has since been adapted to the executive and civilian markets to help you 20x your potential and 20x your performance.

It's time to fulfill your potential, get ultra clear on your passions, purpose, and principles to become the world-centric leader you KNOW through every ounce of your being you're designed to be.

Includes everything in the previous packages PLUS

How to win in your mind before you set foot into a day of your world!
How to feed your courage wolf while starving the fear!
How to develop yourself across the 5 domains at life, all at once!
How to plan and stay on track with your lifestyle goals!

1-1 personal coaching & accountability via a 50 min private coaching call (1x a month)
Group coaching plan involved boat crew teams of 8-12 which are further broken down into teams of 2 (swim buddies) with 1x group coaching call monthly
Coach available within business hours for extra accountability or to help with breakdowns and breakthroughs
Develop your leadership and emotional intelligence abilities

... and much more!

How to get started: Complete a quick application and schedule a call to see if you're a good fit for this program!

What payment methods are accepted?

Payments can be made on a monthly or annual subscription basis via credit card.

Cryptocurrency is accepted, however, due to the nature of the industry at this time we will require 12 months paid in advance up front. This will also help you save on gas/transaction fees and avoid any interruptions in your programming for non-payment.

I will require matching names and emails with your TX ID so I can verify who you are in the program.