Nutrition Tips For Speedy Covid Recovery

How did I turn the sickness around so fast towards a speedy recovery? I'm glad you asked, I'll share it now!

Nutrition Tips For Speedy Covid Recovery

Last week was a wild ride in New York for DAO NYC & NFT NYC.

Unfortunately, NYC is a hot spot for covid, and I was one of the guys who caught it and got hit hard.

However, it only took me down for about 3-4 days. I had all of the symptoms except smell and taste loss, fever and a cough.

The fatigue is real. I couldn't even make a meal (heating up soup on the stove) or even shower without needing a 3 hour nap afterwords.

How did I turn the sickness around so fast towards a speedy recovery? I'm glad you asked, I'll share it now!

Step 1: Rest

That's right. Rest is the best thing you can do for yourself when sick.

It's easy to think that we're not being productive when we rest and that we're letting people down - that's simply not the case though!

Sleep and rest are the most productive things we can do when we are sick and unwell!

Do not allow the guilt or shame to kick in when you need rest, it's critical to give yourself the requred space to recover.

Sleep is where our bodies go into detox mode, muscle repair, and even help increase cognitive performance!

It's also perhaps the most underrated tip despite being one of the most impactful!

Step 2: Nutrition

The rest of it came down to my nutrition.

Nutrition will make or break us at the end of the day. We can experience appetite loss while sick.

If we're not fueling and hydrating properly we can lose a lot of weight making it harder for us to recover effectively. We must hydrate and eat enough to retain our muscle mass and ensure the proper nutrients are in our system to aid in recovery.

What nutritional tips can you do to ensure a speedy(ish) recovery?

Protein: is foundational to our immune system and supporting muscle growth + recovery. Supplementing Glutamine, which is one of the amino acids that builds proteins, can also give our immune system a boost.

Supergreens: leafy greens and vegetables are key. If you don't have an appetite, grab a supergreens supplement such as FNX Rebalance to supplement your vegetable intake.

Immune boosters: grabbing a natural health supplement to help boost your immune system can also go a long way to ensure we're getting proper nutrients for a speedy recovery. My fav immune booster is the Immune+ Complex by FNX Fitness.

Diverse colors: soups and salads also helped a lot, especially with appetite loss. The more colors we can eat the more nutrients we are getting.

Eat consistently: if you're unable to eat due to loss of appetite, consider eating snack sized portions every 2-3 hours. With protein.

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Step 3: Hydration

Staying hydrated is mission critical. Drinking waters, teas, juices.

The juices can be great as they're light and full of calories. Calories are energy and will help prevent excessive weight loss if you're unable to eat or drink much.

If you're unable to drink much at a time, try taking 2-3 small sips of water every few minutes.

You want to make sure you're peeing a light yellow every 3-4 hours.

If you have diarrhea it's a good idea to drink some electrolytes periodically as well. You can get these from sports drinks, pink himilayan sea salt (my go to), or even as an OTC supplement from most health food stores.

Blending up some green smoothies with some protein powder can also be a great way to get your calories and protein in if you're unable to eat!

Have you recovered from Covid recently? Let me know what else worked for you in the comments!


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