Not Prioritizing Health Is Selfish!

We have all of these stigmas about how health is or should be and tend to sometimes focus on the wrong things.

Not Prioritizing Health Is Selfish!

Despite the bold title, let's hear it again! Health is the biggest contributor to wealth.

We need our health on all levels to perform at our highest: mental health, emotional, physical, and in some cases spiritual.

If we don't prioritize our health we're forcing other people to have to take care of us and drop their lives for us. We're also draining our hard earned wealth.

Just like being broke is selfish, so is not prioritizing our health until other people have to prioritize it for us.

If we don't have control of our health it's pretty close to impossible to do anything substantial like buidl when we're forced to focus on unexpected priorities.

Health, like many things, is one of those things where it may seem expensive now to prevent any issues, it's a lot more expensive down the line to fix our health we never cared to manage to begin with.

If we're not healthy we can't perform.

If we're not performing we won't be happy.

If we're not happy, nobody will want to be around us. Unpleasant people are toxic to not only ourselves, our communities as well.

We're back full circle now. We're not performing because we're too miserable!

We have all of these stigmas about how health is or should be. We tend to sometimes focus on the wrong things.

What are you playing for? Longevity? Gains? Mobility? Endurance? The lifestyle you want will determine you training regime.

If you're not interested in gains (getting big) you don't really need to work out and push hard every single day. You just need to be active.

Go for a walk, workout a few days a week, meditate, take full advantage of what life has to offer us to stay healthy.

Don't beat yourself up for eating the stuff giving you the few extra pounds next week. Instead, focus on eating more of the good stuff that moves you towards your goals. Make it hard for yourself to want to eat the junk.

Our physical training is a controlled environment which we can test ourselves on all levels:

Attitude, emotions, physical capacity, mental fortitude.

If we're bitching, moaning and complaining through our work out, what does the rest of our days look like? That's right, how you do anything is how you do everything.

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything
Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have it so much more together than you? Or do you ever find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others?

Instead of fixating on how horrible things are and how much we're dreading our workouts: find a strong why to connect to. Find things you enjoy doing for activities. Don't sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff.

We can use our training to program our very beings to show up in the world empowered, positive, and uplifting.

We can have more courage and confidence feeling amazing with our health in check.

The better we feel the more productive and happy we are.

The more happy we are the more pleasant we are to be around. Our network grows.

Your network is your net worth.

We're back full circle again.

Mindset is everything. Pay to play now so you're not paying to live later.

Especially with the current bloodbath in the markets this 2nd week of June 2022 and potential recession we're facing it's important now more than ever to get our health in check.

Call a friend, meditate and connect with yourself, go for a walk and talk with peers, eat well, work hard and buidl.

We rise together. We're in it for the long haul and our biggest testament to that is how we focus on our health.

Health is not vanity.

Being unhealthy is selfish. You're forcing other people to be put in a position to put their lives on hold to support you for not supporting yourself.

Family, Faith, Fitness, Fitness.

Stay healthy!