My Adventure Into DAO's And Crypto

Like many others of my generation through the COVID-era, I took online and started looking for new things to learn (bonus if I could earn at the same time).

My Adventure Into DAO's And Crypto

At this time, I've been contributing to the DAO space for 5 months, and I've been participating in crypto for 6 months.

When it first started buzzing I was holding financial licenses. The regulators (at the time, can't speak for currently) were really against crypto, let alone social media.

One compliance officer went through 4+ years of obsessive posts on twitter, asking me to take certain ones down. They didn't want us on social media. At all. Or that's the impression they gave.

Anyways, long story short, it took me a while to start getting into it all. It still hasn't been long since I dropped my licenses, but long enough I feel comfortable exploring, playing and networking.

Like many others of my generation through the COVID-era, I took online and started looking for new things to learn (bonus if I could earn at the same time).

This led me to signing up to Bankless HQ and consuming massive amounts of content. 2 weeks after subscribing to premium, I caught the airdrop that started Bankless DAO. I had no clue what an airdrop, or POAP, even was at that point.

But hey, I wanted an opportunity to learn. If any one of us is going to learn anything, we might as well align ourselves to learn with some of the bigger names, yeah? Plus, it's always great when they're mission driven and impact focused. You know that you can really accomplish a lot, both personally and professionally, in those types of environments.

My palms were sweaty, heart rate unsteady, but I was determined to muddle my way through claiming the POAP and jumping on the subsequent airdrop. I didn't want to let a petty excuse get in the way of exploring opportunities in the space.

It wasn't hard, really. I've written about it before. Finding a gig in this space is quite literally as easy as raising your hand and jumping in, making friends and contributing your skills within the time you're able to.

5 Steps To Finding Work In Crypto
It’s a wide open space with no shortage of opportunities to invest your time and energy in, and they’re widely available for any go-getter willing to simply step in and work on it as needed.

That's what I did. There were some contentious issues that I was able to get into the middle of and solve. Through helping people onboard into the DAO, representing the community in multiple servers, a part of multiple projects/DAO's, and so much more in less than 6 months!

It's intimidating and scary, yes. It's also a major culture shock. Not having to ask permission or apply. Having the autonomy to seamlessly jump in and out of workflows provided you have the skills and aptitude for the job.

Learning to DeFi, sending transactions, a lot still makes my heart race and nerves go wonky. There's a lot to be aware of, both good and bad. Security and anonymity.
I don't think it's possible for one person to learn it all or do it all. However, what I do believe is that by jumping in and contributing you can learn a lot. Fast. A lot faster than simply reading guides and articles. However, it is nice to follow along some picture or a video sometimes when learning a new system or protocol.

I've also experienced, for the most part, the space to be pretty friendly and welcoming. A lot of DAO's will welcome you in with open arms. The space is so new that half of the fun is trying to carve a path forward for us all, together.

Don't forget. Always do your own research, and if you never signed up for something don't trust anyone who says you won anything.Moderators will never reach out to you first.

Closing Thoughts

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