How Does Teamwork Unlock Potential And Performance?

A culture of teamwork and collaboration is the key to unlocking your...

How Does Teamwork Unlock Potential And Performance?

When it comes to operating within a team, it's not about YOU.

Yes, a team is composed of multiple "I's". Multiple I's make a we. A we makes a team.

The team and the mission always comes first. This is what makes coaching the most powerful.

It can be tough to wrap your head around at first. Human nature is that we like to tend to ourselves. It's true, we can't pour from an empty cup and we must put ourselves first.

But here's the thing. If we're constantly putting ourselves first, we're operating against the team and what the team is set to accomplish.

When we're left to our own devices, very rarely do we actually take action or do much.

It's easy to want to improve, it's easy to wish we were better (however you define that), it's easy to be unhappy/miserable/victim. It's easy to create "to-do" lists that never get done.

Why? Because we're alone. We want our autonomy, yet when we have autonomy the easiest thing to do is make excuses. After all, you're only hurting yourself at the end of the day, right? We've been hurt by other people all our lives, it's so fucking easy to do it to ourselves!

That's where we couldn't be further from the truth. While it is true that being on a team, having a coach for accountability, any of that, there is a big fear factor there. We all have a "primal fear" around letting our teams/people down. After all, as we evolved, getting kicked out of the community (or team) was a punishment worse than death!

At the end of the day, we need people. We need a team, community, tribe, whatever you want to call it. We can't read the label from inside the bottle. Aligning with our tribe's give permission for people to hold the mirror up to us so we can see what we're missing.

We end up with a 20x our performance and productivity, because we have the energy of a positive team encouraging and driving us forward.

Over time, we learn to quit letting ourselves down, we start tapping into our true potential.

As we start tapping into our potential and quit letting ourselves down, we show up in better states. By not letting ourselves down, we stop letting the people who care about us down.

You're not an island. For those willing to do the hard work and RISE up to become the most elite version of themselves, there are islands full of people just like you. Waiting. Waiting for you to make the choice to become who you're called to create yourself to be.

It's time to answer the call. Join us