How Does Ownership Impact Health and Happiness?

Taking ownership is simple, right? Easy? Wrong! Here's....

How Does Ownership Impact Health and Happiness?

Taking ownership is simple... right? Easy?

That book you were given
The CD you bought
The car you bought
The house you bought


All that surface level stuff. You know what's not easy?

Taking ownership of your life,
Your Mind
Your Emotions
Your Intuition
Your Choices
Your Being...

And this is where all of us fail. We bombard the world with emotional hand grenades

We take actions and we run from the concequences

We sabatoge ourselves and set ourselves up to land on our asses before we even walk out the door to hit the floor

Hell, some of us don't even make it out of bed. The day has already won over us

We spend our lives running from thing to thing, chasing the next car, house, whatever that next shiny object is

I just need ~fill in the blank~ to be happy. To be...

It's time to stop

It's non-negotiable to start taking ownership of who we are, our whole selves, and learning to control our monkey mind.
We owe it to ourselves, and those around us.

We owe it to ourselves to show up as the highest and greatest version of ourselves possible.

Ownership. Once we own who we are, and show ourselves with pride, we realize the happiness and joy we seek is right inside of us.

It's been infront of us the whole time.

We simply never stopped to see it, appreciate it, and express the gratitude it deserves

Now that you're aware, go break the cycle.