How Does Health Impact Self Sovereignty?

It's quite simple, and to borrow from the default world “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” – J.F.K

How Does Health Impact Self Sovereignty?

It's quite clear over here from the current state of world affairs that personal sovereignty matters. Perhaps now more than ever. However, what does that mean?

It's quite simple, and to borrow from the default world “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” – J.F.K

It's great we are out here building wealth within web3. What good is it if we're going to turn around in a few years and spend it all trying to get back our health?

Now, I'm not saying we need balance. The definition of balance is to be at 0. Nobody likes to be a 0. However, we do need to find some equilibrium and start optimizing our future.

The definition of sovereignty is to be in a self-governed state. To be self-governed we must start taking full ownership and accountability of our lives. Holistically, not just the bits and pieces we feel we want to focus on, or worse, only the pieces we feel most comfortable in. There's no growth without discomfort.

Web3 can almost be considered optimized for burnout, more so than our web2 counterparts. How? It's a 24/7, 365 space. It's fast-paced and always on. A lot of us feel obligated to be plugged in constantly between discord, twitter and other platforms.

We're borderless and international, yet we still operate on a call and notes basis. This leaves contributors on calls for 12+ hours a day to accommodate time zones. What's more, our abilities to be self-sovereign decline over time.

Those 12+ hour days blast us all with blue light constantly. Blue light tricks our body to producing daytime hormones such as cortisol to stay awake. It should be producing nighttime hormones like melatonin to help us sleep. The lack of sleep creates irrational and compulsive behavior, increased stress levels, lack of focus, kills our productivity and doesn't make us very fun to work with (I was just there myself at the tail end of 2021).

The sedentary lifestyle and increased cortisol impact our ability to burn fat. It hurts our digestive health which in turn affects our ability to properly absorb vitamins and nutrients. We may not be drinking enough water to stay hydrated.

Over time these factors compound and do a lot more than burn us out. We go from a self-governed state to giving dominion to our nation-states' health care systems to (maybe, hopefully) help us become healthy again.

What would our lives look like if we started incorporating more health-based activities into our web3 lifestyle? Activities such as yoga and other mobility trainings, breathwork, mental toughness training, resiliency training, emotional control, on top of countless other activities people enjoy for health?

Through working out consistently; it doesn't matter what you do, go find something you enjoy doing and it won't feel like work, increased metabolism, higher quality sleep, you'll naturally gravitate towards healthier choices (feeling good is addicting),

Learn to breathe properly; reduce stress, unlock flow states, increase digestion and nutrient absorption,

Move every hour; it doesn't have to be much, some light stretches, a walk around the block, grab a glass of water,

Eat clean; avoiding processes foods, supplement where appropriate, drink at least half of your bodyweight in water,

Any other health-centric habits you can work into your day...

While these aren't magic bullets or quick fixes, they do take work, time, discipline and dedication. A dedication not only to ourselves and living our best lives, a dedication to our beloved friends, family and peers to show up every day within an empowered state for them.

We have a much better disposition and are much more pleasant to be around. Our productivity starts going through the roof and we realize we don't need more time to do more. We simply need more quality focus.

As our productivity increases, so does our ability to maintain and build our wealth. Our health isn't a complete guarantee we won't be leaning on the health care systems of our nation-states one day. It is a pretty damn good safeguard against a lot of common ailments!

Longevity matters, we are able to live a longer, healthier, and much more happy sovereign lifestyle. We are empowered to lift the ones around us up because there's no pouring from an empty cup. We rise together!

If we set up our documentation correctly, our heirs will be able to continue building their sovereignty above and beyond what we left them, and if we taught our children right we're eternally paying it forward long after we leave this place!

There is no wealth without our health. Without our health we can't achieve sovereignty.

Stay safe, stay fit fam.
We rise together.