Go-Time Smoothie Snack!

I was jamming out pretty much back-to-back classes. I didn't have time to make a quick meal like bacon and eggs...

Go-Time Smoothie Snack!

Clarity Nation: I have a real treat for you today! Happy Monday!

Smoothies are a really great way to fuel up during a busy day. Last Friday I had the pleasure of teaching an exclusive class for Forefront's 1st Birthday.

I was jamming out pretty much back-to-back classes. I didn't have time to make much of a quick meal - even bacon and eggs. Part of that, yes, is because I wanted to be lazy and have minimal cleanup.

Enter the smoothie! I had some relief between class and wanted something that would:

1) Help me recover better (full of anti-oxidants)
2) Had 25g+ of protein to help my muscles recover and repair
3) Would be assessible during class as I wouldn't have enough time to finish
4) Would fill me up for a couple of hours to give me an energy boost to perform for my students.

Now, for full transparency: I don't make my smoothies the same every time, there's always a bit of nuanced detail to them. However, the foundation doesn't change, it just gets adapted to my mood (do I want something more sweet today?).


2-4 tbsp Plain greek yogurt (or organic and grass fed)
1-2 tsp honey (sugar, flavor)
Water (or your preference of juice for something sweeter)
Spinach & Kale
Super berry or mixed berry frozen blend
0.5-1 Avocado


1x Scoop of FNX Refuel Protein Vanilla Milkshake
1x Scoop of FNX Recover Supergreens (any flavor)
1x Scoop of FNX Recharge+ Pre-workout

Grab your supplements here:

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  1. Fill your cup no less than half full of the frozen spinach and kale. We don't want an overbearing sugar smoothie, or an overly bitter green smoothie.
  2. Add your Avocado. This is high in vitamins, nutrients and fat. Coupled with the protein powder it will help you stay full for a couple of hours.
  3. Add yogurt. This is full of probiotics and will help with gut health and digestion, immune boost.
  4. Add honey. This is your sweetener and full of more anti-oxidants to reduce inflammation and help recover
  5. Add berries. Remember, we don't want it super sweet (or maybe you do, no judgement if that's your thing). I've found all the sugar content in the fruit will bloat me if I have too many smoothies (1 a day). The berries have a great nutritional value and are full of anti-oxidants. Will help you recover.
  6. Add your water (or juice). This is to thin up the smoothie a bit and make it easier to blend all the frozen goodies.
  7. Let the blender bottle rest upside down for a few seconds for the water to make it to the blade for an easier time blending
  8. Add your optional supplements and blend again to mix it all in


Be mindful of how much you initially put into the blender. The protein powder (any brand) does tend to expand when in a blender. You do not want an exploding smoothie all over your kitchen, trust me (made that mistake once).

If you're having trouble blending your mix, consider adding a bit more water on top and giving the blender a bit of a shake.

Enjoy your smoothie! If it's too thin, consider adding some ice or more frozen goods. If it's too thick, consider adding a little bit more water.

If you added protein: try to finish your smoothie in 30 minutes or so. Our bodies need a minimum of 25-30g of protein per meal. If we sip our protein smoothie over the course of a couple hours our bodies may not register it's getting adequate nutrition for muscle development or repair. This will cause our body to break down the protein and use it for hormones or other key vital factors.

Stay tuned, this Friday I'll do a feature on supplements and how to use them properly.

Closing Thoughts

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