DAOplomats: How To Onboard Honorary External Members

A DAOplomat is an external asset. They’re honorary members of other DAO’s who’ve approached us to partner, build something together, or otherwise collaborate (including purchasing services).

DAOplomats: How To Onboard Honorary External Members

DAOplomat’s aren’t a fast track into the DAO or a way of taking an elevator to the top.

The use of the tags is a complimentary service to guest passes. It’s not always appropriate to throw somebody into the membership system.

The difference between the guest pass and DAOplomat tags is that guests are interested in growing the mission of a specific DAO. They’re committed and involved towards acquiring full membership within the DAO.

A DAOplomat is an external asset. They’re honorary members of other DAO’s who’ve approached us to partner, build something together, or otherwise collaborate (including purchasing services).

DAOplomats, while interested in a specific DAO, aren’t necessarily heavily invested in the mission of the DAO. They see a partnership or opportunity and would like to see DAO’s come together on specific initiatives. I don’t see this needing to meet membership requirements.

As you may see now, it’s not always appropriate to be handing out guest passes or expiring tags to these valued members of our ecosystems and communities.

It can also be quite frustrating to collaborate with systems which expire and drop server access. Beyond disrupting the flow of information, it can be a shock to someone to sign online one day to find out they lost server access. People forget how stuff works.

The DAOplomat system extends beyond tags to shared human-power as well. It’s an expansive movement, not just a guild.

DAOlationships is representative of a DAO’s internal relationship builders, whereas DAOplomats are the shared (external talent). External talent which may or may not be working towards full membership to contribute to multiple missions.

This greatly increases the level of collaboration that can happen across DAOs. There’s an environment being fostered in which talent can flow freely between DAOs and contribute as they see fit.

This levels the playing field and lowers the barrier of entry for people to get involved. Whether it’s running events, coordinating between multiple organizations, there are a plethora of skills that can be welcomed into a DAO.

Skills which necessarily weren’t able to be captured or deployed. Traditionally, the option to share talent, resources and assets has been such a foreign concept. It’s a dog eat dog world and everyone’s out for themselves.

It’s not that way here, within DAOs. A rising tide raises all ships. By coming together on deeper levels we can help each other accomplish our shared visions of a brighter future in unison.

Onboarding a DAOplomat into a DAO is really simple. We all have our variations of a welcome, introduction, or get involved channel. If a DAO is active in the program and has a shared workspace set up within discord:

  • Look for a DAOlationships guild
  • See if the DAO you want to represent has its own workspace
  • Raise your hand and let the community know who you’re with and what you’re wanting to do
  • Receive a DAOplomat tag, bypass membership requirements to plan your collaboration & get involved.

Over time as the movement goes we can potentially look into shared comp structures.

Something along the lines of “this is the format for joining the movement if you want to be a part of it”. Such as each month or quarter doing a coordinape round with a mixed bag of tokens from everyone involved in the ecosystem collaborations. This would allow contributors to:

  • pay bills
  • save towards full membership in the DAO’s they want
  • reduce downward (sales) pressure on any single token at one time

It may or may not be an option in the future if the model works & can be used as a coordination layer between DAO’s, which would be a requirement up front to join the movement and have everyone on the same page.

Closing Thoughts

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