DAOlationships: The Collaboration Movement

DAOlationships was initially started with the intention of being a business development guild. Can you guess how that went? While it was great, we were attracting a lot of people to the guild: the quality of character wasn't there for the web3 environment.

DAOlationships: The Collaboration Movement

It started off innocently enough: no revenue, no business. No clients, no business.

DAOlationships was initially started with the intention of being a business development guild. Can you guess how that went?

While it was great, we were attracting a lot of people to the guild: the quality of character wasn't there for the web3 environment.

Crypto Natives know: traditional mindset's don't carry over into this new world. It is very off-putting when people have "commission breath" and are trying to cram stuff down your throat.

Yet, that's exactly what "business development" was attracting. It's questionable whether or not these people actually cared about the mission of the DAO. All they wanted was a product, a cut, and to go out hitting the ground running.

These attitudes, this cut-throat dog-eat-dog mentality of the traditional business world has no place in web3! We're not about that here!

The Web3 Mentality:

Web3 represents: transparency, open-ness, self sovereignty through ownership, collaboration. The general ethos is "A rising tide raises all ships."

As you can see, that web2 mentality of "I'm just here to get mine" doesn't have a place in this space. It's very hard to fit that mentality into this new paradigm.

I totally get it, however. Adapting Sovereign Health & Crypto to the web3 environment was a struggle. I did fall flat on my face a few times trying: while using the old and dated tactics of surveillance capitalism, personal information gathering, etc.

Hard Lessons To Learn

That's right, none of those initiatives took off. Writing these guides and making everything open, ungated and transparent is what made this blog start getting momentum in the web3 era.

This is why it's mission critical to ensure we're staying aligned with the web3 ethos and future of work.

Once these lessons started sinking in, Sov Coach really took a turn. DAOlationships became a way of saying "I refute the old systems," while creating a more open and collaborative environment than we've ever seen traditionally.

The Movement

It's simply not just about "sticking it to the man" and showcasing how strong a DAO is compared to a traditional organization.

We can change the frame, and thus change the game in doing so. However, it will take a coordinated effort and alignment across the space.

As a movement, DAOlationships can also represent a coordination layer between DAO's. It's no secret we're all "short on talent." Perhaps not necessarily short, however, it can be tough to get people off the sidelines. We're not here to judge their personal situations or why that may be.

This coordination layer: running events, building social capital, getting involved in multiple DAO's, showing a unity DAO-front is absolutely critical to the viability of the collaboration economy.

Guaranteed over half of the people in this movement are more qualified to lead it than me. Yet they support it and fill in the gaps. You don't get this within a traditional environment. Traditionally speaking you'd have your grass cut and be on the street before you know it.

We all tend to have membership levels and requirements for entering our DAO's. Sometimes these can price quality contributors out. Other times they need to dive in, get their feet wet, make friends, and experience the culture & vibe before diving in too deep.

DAOlationships (with the use of DAOplomat tags) allows these contributors to enter your DAO, contribute their skills, and help you build or scale. They may or may not be aligned enough to want to become a full member.

However, this should not stop people from getting involved, especially if they have skills or experience your team would find valuable.

Setting up the guild system & tagging allows people to raise their hand upon entering the server to get started on behalf of the DAOlationship they're representing.

Over time as these systems are getting set up in multiple DAO's, we can look into moving beyond sharing talent and consider sharing resources too.

For example, what if every DAO involved in the movement earmarked X amount of tokens for a monthly (or quarterly) coordinape round?

This would allow contributors within the movement to collect payment for work from multiple sources at one time. From a treasury management standpoint this can work wonders on tokenomics.

Instead of 1 gig, 1 coin, they have 1 gig, multiple coins giving them more flexibility on what or how they cash out for bills and expenses. This will reduce downward (sell) pressure on any 1 token at a single time. It also gives contributors a little bit more flexibility to gain full membership to the DAO's they truly want to contribute to.

Given that the movement is about building social capital and collaboration, this opens the door to get more people with more skills involved in our DAO's than we otherwise may have considered.

In Conclusion

Have you joined the Sovereign Collective? The collective is a (free) private community for DeFi Degens & Crypto Natives who want to become the best version of themselves possible. Join us and discuss health, nutrition, fitness, performance, crypto and more!

It's a great place to get assistance, share your insights, wins, breakdowns, breakthroughs and much more!

Coupled with the Sovereign Academy, which is an on-demand training platform for all things mental toughness, leadership development, and team building, I've equipped you with the tools and resources to tap into that 20x potential and 20x performance that's driving you insane by sitting around dormant.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!