Sovereign Academy

Welcome to the Academy!

Your members only resource full of exclusive, on demand training. The academy was designed and intended to help you become the highest and best version of yourself.

The way to become the most elite version of yourself is to compete with yourself to become 1% better and stronger every day in every way. This gets accomplished through mental toughness, grit, resilience, and the discipline to do the work every single day.

This can be accomplished by tapping into the 6 pillars of health: diet and nutrition, fitness and movement, sleep hygiene, stress management, time in nature, social engagements & communities of practice. All of which you'll learn more about through the Sovereign Collective (for more precise and personal suggestions) and the Sovereign Academy here (more open for you to apply to your life a bit easier).

You'll find an extensive exercise to evaluate your life; where you are and where you're going to expose the integrity gaps. This will allow you to bridge the gaps with clarity and precision to become the man or woman you desire to create yourself to be.

There's also a variety of follow along workouts, classes, and many more resources to help you become the leader you desire to be and forge elite teams to support your individual mission.