Health is wealth, and they both have a lot that go into them.

It's not just about what we eat or do in the gym.

It's about our whole health, our whole physiology: physical, mental, emotional, intuition, spirit.

Our health is the greatest foundation we have, it's a foundation that will just as easily make or break our wealth.

What good is any of it, if we don't have people to enjoy our lifestyles with?

What good is any of it, if we're relying on the legacy financial/banking and health care systems to provide for us?

Being Self-Sovereign means to be able to take care of our whole selves, and abandoning the traditional mindsets of life being compartmentalized and segregated.

We are whole beings, and when we operate from a place of wholeness, acceptance, and growth, the doors of our ambitions end up opening the doors to us.

In the Japanese language they have a word that accurately sums up the driving values of Sovereign Health: Kokoro.

What does Kokoro mean? There isn't really much of an English translation to it, however, it loosely translates to: "Heart and mind merged in action"

Are you ready to become Self Sovereign in every sense of the word?

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