5 Steps To Increased Immune Strength

Immune health can be a struggle for us all. Do we ever actually know if we're "getting enough" in our system - especially outside of our (somewhat unreliable) yearly physicals?

5 Steps To Increased Immune Strength

Immune health can be a struggle for us all. Do we ever actually know if we're "getting enough" in our system - especially outside of our (somewhat unreliable) yearly physicals?

Gut & Immune health is key for longevity: living a long, healthy and productive life. I'm not simply referring to the "business" side of productive either - it also includes date night with your wife and kids, other family, friends, over all having a good quality of life. Being able to get outside and actually enjoy your life.

As fun as the metaverse can be - without meeting our basic evolutionary needs it's all for nothing.

1) Release The Anchors

We are the sum of our habits. We become what we tolerate and what we habitually do. Wouldn't it make sense to let go of the anchors in our life, so we can find new freedom? New sovereignty, or whatever it is you're looking for?

People, food, alcohol, drugs, nicotine, sugar, and even caffeine can become a crutch for our lives. It's not really like we've had any sort of formal training on emotional control and positive habits.

When we allow toxic into our vicinity we may not see how much it truly drags us down at first. It's only from removing ourselves from the toxic environment, places, and things can we begin to release those anchors and find new flight.

2) Add More Colors To Your Plate

It's safe to say we're all aware the FDA has been lying to us our whole lives - crooked food companies paid them off in the 50's and 60's to say our diet should revolved around grains and man-made fats/oils.

These foods can be highly inflammatory and reduce your bodies ability to recover.

They're also full of anti-nutrients which can quickly prevent your body from absorbing what it needs through digestion.

Not only that, processed foods are high in calories and lack nutrition. It can be great for a dirty bulk but won't actually help you live a great life. But they do taste good from time to time (I know, I know).

More colors means we're getting a wider variety of nutrients and vitamins into our systems.

When in doubt, we can always add supplementation into our diets. FNX Supergreens will kick your sweet tooth and give you a great boost.

Couple it with the Immune+ Complex daily and you're chances of covering more deficiencies is that much higher!

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Life can be a balancing act. We know we’re supposed to eat our fruits and veggies every day. Yet we often don’t.How come? Life gets in the way. It’s that simple. Forget your excuses, life happens.

3) Stress Reduction

Stress can, and will, quite literally kill you. It weakens your immune system. Cortisol (stress hormone) prevents sleep and recovery. This also ties into releasing anchors.

We all have places, people, things within our environments that cause our stress levels to skyrocket. Some simple (yet highly effective) stress management tools are:

Meditation, Breath Control, Visualization, Positivity, and Micro Goal Setting.

Why micro goal setting? Micro goals allow us to boost our confidence and courage be accumulating small wins. It creates a domino effect to knock over that 16 foot tall one at the end: completing your mission.

4) Move Frequently

Move your booty... errr... I mean body often! Whether it's a coffee break dance off, frequent walks around the block. Any other number of outside & fresh air activities.

Going to the gym, finding a fitness discipline you enjoy goes a long way as well. When you find a discipline you enjoy doing it feels more like fun than work. I've personally met people of all ages and walks of life who've spent a big portion of their lives struggling to "be healthy" (regardless of their personal definition).

The biggest barrier is often: they don't enjoy the gym or movement practices that we're conventionally told to do. I get it! We didn't evolve to work or move our bodies in isolation!

Have fun, try new things often and explore different ways of moving your body!

5) Sleep Like Your Life Depended On It (It Does)

Another common misconception is sleep. Especially out here in the west we seem to have the bias that sleep is for the weak or we can sleep when we die.

This mentality drastically kills our health across the board. The magic doesn't happen in the gym. The magic happens due to our diets, habits and sleep.

The better quality of sleep we get the more our bodies can: reduce cortisol, produce hormones, repair muscle, reduce fat, and much more.

Lack of quality sleep creates a downward spiral: we feel run down, we turn to vices and crutches (such as caffeine or other stimulants) which make us feel great for a minute. Once that minute is over, we're looking for that next hit (or pick me up).

Giving our body time to decompress and work it's magic behind the scenes will go a long way for our Immune Health, and general health across the board.

Closing Remarks

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